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Protecting assets through intelligence, experience, training and technology

CIPROS International is a Security Vulnerability and Risk Management company specialising in critical infrastructure protection, defending information systems from cyber-attacks and related business services.

CIPROS International provides business risk and threat consultancy services, supporting organisations through challenging and volatile environments. The combination of experience, up to date intelligence and use of technology ensures we provide our clients with the assurance they are safe and secure, leaving them free to focus on the commercial needs of the business.

What we do

We provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of our clients and their profiles, priorities and budgets. Our services will often begin with sensitive investigation, review and intelligence gathering, resulting in a detailed evidence-based vulnerability assessment that will deliver strategies to mitigate and minimise risk.

Working in Partnership

The delivery of comprehensive vulnerability and risk solutions requires a clear understanding and communication of objectives. We take time to listen to our clients and their stakeholders and put their needs in context before working with them to develop a strategic and dynamic programme specifically to meet client requirements and budgets.

Our subject matter professionals have the credentials to inspect and evaluate security risks and concerns for small and large enterprises alike, and provide tailored, responsive strategies. Our people come from trusted, secure, confidential business operational backgrounds, including Security Services, Police, Military, Corporate, Legal, IT and Finance. Our commercial experience means we are able to deliver high quality services in often challenging environments.

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