Vetting and Screening Services

At CIPROS International, we place our core company values at the epicentre of business operations.

Rigorous vetting and screening programmes minimise the risk of making inappropriate decisions. Too often, the absence of detailed processes has resulted in fraud, dishonesty or misconduct, information security leaks, hacking of websites, cause significant operational and reputational damage to your business.

The delivery of comprehensive vulnerability and risk solutions require a clear understanding and communication of objectives and delivery. We take the time to listen to our clients and the wider security world and to engage in a strategic and dynamic programme, specifically to meet our clients' requirements.

Sport and Sport Regulation

Professional sport is big business, and has never been more popular. Add to this popularity the explosion of on-line gambling, and you have a highly charged cocktail of both opportunities and threats. Sporting regulators and governing bodies, individual teams, participants and spectators are all significantly affected.

Inevitably there are those that seek to exploit and undermine sporting events, and as a result jeopardise the integrity of sport as a whole.

Corruption within sport takes many forms, including both on and off the field actions including:

  • Bribing of officials and players
  • Money laundering
  • Fraud
  • Illegal performance enhancing drugs
  • Match fixing
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Rigging of gambling exchanges

Insurance and Financial Services

CIPROS International support a variety of Financial Service clients, including global investment banks and London Market insurance companies, in securing their environments from cyber-attacks and the loss of confidential client data.

Financial Services is one of the most targeted industry sectors, with a wide variety of threat agents often recognising operational and budgetary constraints.

We will work with the client to determine where it is placed in the information security maturity model and determine a roadmap to address operational, tactical and strategic exposures and vulnerabilities. And for those instances where breaches do occur (it is impossible to secure an environment from every threat vector) we can work with you to ensure the highest level of cyber resilience and recovery capability is in place.

Leisure and Entertainment Services

The Leisure and Entertainment sector continues to grow, and with that growth comes additional risk and threat

From the risks of food poisoning in a high quality restaurant, or a fire in a busy hotel, through to serious assaults in a busy city centre late-night bar. These threats are all too real and can be catastrophic, and on occasion terminal for business.

Our work in this sector suggest that many businesses are currently carrying significant risk, for example breaches of license requirements, much of which they are unsighted on. Our specialists have the ability to assess Healthy and Safety, Fire, Food Standards and all aspects of security including premises surveys. We are the one stop shop that has the ability to identify high-risk issues and take action to minimise risk, protect business and manage the fall-out from incidents.

Energy and Utilities

Our specialists have detailed experience of working at many potentially highly volatile energy sites - including nuclear, gas and oil, and electricity, operating both inside and outside of the wire.

Such sites are high risk environments, but of strategic importance globally. Working in partnership with site owners, regulators and government, CIPROS International provides support, guidance and on-site knowledge focused on identifying potential areas of exposure.

Our work has been recognised at the highest of levels

Professional and Advisory Services

Some of the highest profile threats are faced by the advisory profession where client data can be at its most vulnerable. Those threats extend to reputational damage to the advisor and no amount of damage limitation is a substitute for protection.

At CIPROS International, we have experience of high level technical surveillance counter measures and data security, deep-mine confidential fraud investigation, and key employee vetting to meet increased regulatory and stakeholder expectations.

Our specialist due diligence package is aimed at mergers and acquisitions, where an understanding of wider risks facing a target business, as well as in-depth analysis of industry specific, or identified risks, is required.

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