CIPROS provides specialist threat and risk consultancy services. We focus solely on providing clients with a secure, safe and resilient business environment, addressing all the key risks, whatever the business sector, protecting SMEs and global enterprises alike.

We have the skills and experience to support clients through complex, challenging situations, from incident management to long term advanced planning.

Who We Work For

Our primary focus is providing services which are specific to each business, protecting assets, and managing threats that our clients face daily. These include cyber attacks or infiltration, theft of intellectual property, fraud, and the protection of employees and staff.

Clients must have the trust and confidence given the services we provide. In return, clients are able to provide detailed disclosure allowing the development of a close working partnership.

Our People

CIPROS brings together highly experienced teams, including ex-senior police and military specialists, cyber security experts, and CESG and CLAS experts. The combination of detailed operational experience together with the use of cutting-edge technology is powerful, providing clients with high levels of assurance.

Our comprehensive services provide clients with the information and specialist services needed to protect and grow their business.

Threat and risks are inevitable in business. The Secured by CIPROS approach, developed over many years, provides a model whih assesses the level of threat, risk and vulnerability for our clients. We work in partnership with clients to manage areas of concern, with regular, structured engagement.

After Care

We have strong levels of repeat business, with clients valuing the knowledge and experience we provide, focused on business protection and development.

Corporate Governance, Confidentiality and Integrity

In everything that we do, CIPROS International is fully committed to the highest corporate governance standards. Our people are drawn from top quality backgrounds, and are subject to regular monitoring and review. Our client relationship procedures ensure we continue to learn and develop in all that we do.

Our clients value the confidential nature of all that we provide, developing a level of trust and confidence, which underpins all of our activities.

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