What We Do

Longevity and business success is largely down to minimising or eliminating risks and threats. From the moment your enterprise becomes public, or starts providing products and services to customers, risks emerge.

There are on a daily basis, headline-grabbing threats that individually signal out the robust challenge ahead. So how do you respond to threats to your enterprise that can dually be both known and unknown? Furthermore, how can you anticipate the timing and severity of such threats your enterprise may face?

How We Do It

CIPROS International have worked with and offered solutions to clients in a number of different industry sectors, yet with every individual case, the approach is identical. By working to our tried and tested seven-stage process, we are able to offer necessary support and deliver next step solutions based on our key observations and recommendations.

Stage 1: Initiation

Getting to know the clients and clients getting to know us

The opportunity for detailed discussions, determined scope of the activity and identify strategic objectives. This includes, project planning, logistics, communications, access to material/people, points of contact and clearance levels.

Stage 2: Specifications

Agreeing scope of the activity.

Following discussions with our clients, we agree on exercise scope including, budgets, timescales, aims and objectives and approach.

Stage 3: Discovery

Where are the issues and how they manifest themselves?

The gathering of data and the research process is vital to understanding where client vulnerabilities appear. Our team examines in detail the agreed areas of your organisation to find where weaknesses are and how they should be addressed.

Stage 4: Examination

Piecing together key parts of the jigsaw.

By examining on-site findings, suitable discussions with clients will begin to formulate risk reduction processes. Throughout the exercise, regular briefings ensure clients are fully informed of ongoing developments and identified areas of concern.

Stage 5: Validation

The time to consider on-site findings.

It is essential that our findings are evidence based and rigorously checked. Our quality assurance procedures are tried and tested, and have been successfully deployed at the highest of levels ensuring business critical infrastructure standards are maintained.

Stage 6: Assessment

Identification of problems, recommended resolution and likely impact.

Production of a detailed report including appropriate evidence and examples. Our report provides common sense achievable recommendations focused on delivering a safe, secure working environment.

Stage 7: Implementation

Creation of a low risk enterprise.

By working in partnership with clients we provide the necessary support to deliver next-step solutions based on our key recommendations.

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